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Not sure if your pup will be head over heels for our treats? No worries! We've got you covered with small samples tailored just for them. Explore our selection, from the indulgent Gourmet Cheese Biscuits to the tantalizing Delectable Banana Bliss and the irresistible Savory Salmon. Let your pup be the judge and discover their new favorite—or perhaps they'll love them all! Treat time just got even more exciting. 

Tail-Wagging Tastings: Discover Our Delightful Sample Packs!



  • Our preservative-free products demand special attention. Keep them fresh by storing in an airtight container or refrigerating for up to 20 days. Each package contains 1 oz of these delightful treats.

  • At, we distinguish ourselves in the dog treat market through our unwavering commitment to simplicity and quality. Our treats are made with only three wholesome, human-grade ingredients, ensuring your pet enjoys a pure and nutritious snack. What truly sets us apart is that our treats are safe and delicious enough for humans to enjoy as well. While our taste buds differ from our furry companions', it's reassuring to know that both you and your dog can share the same high-quality treat. Treat your pup to the best, and snack with confidence on our exceptional ingredients.


    We ship our products nationwide, ensuring that every pet can enjoy our high-quality treats. To maintain their freshness and integrity, we bake our treats to order and then freeze them before shipping. This way, your pet receives delicious, freshly-made snacks every time.

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